NJ Kettlebells Love Foundation Origin

     The NJ Kettlebell Love Foundation was inspired by the dedicated and selfless work of Dr. Judd Biasiotto.  Dr. Judd initiated the Dr. Judd’s Love Foundation in the mid 1980’s, when a student and good friend, who was bound to a wheel chair, needed a wheel chair accessible van to be able to go to work.  His friend could not afford to purchase the very expensive vehicle.  Never a man to sit idle, Dr. Judd started raising money for his friend.  Eventually, enough money was donated (over $139,000.00) and the van was purchased.

     After seeing the difference it made in his friends life as well as his own, Dr. Judd started his Love Foundation and continued to raise money for many people with various needs.  He did his part by writing books, which became a part of his “Love Book Series.” He also recruited several other dedicated, like-minded people who served on the board and provided their help and expertise.  With the help of his Board members and other volunteers, Dr. Judd’s Love Foundation remained in existence for almost 30 years, raising over $1.7 million dollars in donations.  Unfortunately, in 2014, due to his own illness, Dr. Judd had to stop his fundraising and close his Love Foundation.  After seeing the incredible work Dr. Judd and friends had done, the individuals at NJKettlebells did not want to see the amazing success come to end.  In the spring of 2014, with the assistance of Dr. Judd, the NJKettlebell Love Foundation was born to continue his amazing work and giving.  The NJKettlebell Love Foundation proudly works with Dr. Judd and is honored to continue the work he started.      

     The NJKettlebell Love Foundation has chosen to dedicate its fundraising to youth in need.  Since every dedicated individual here at the NJKettlebell Love Foundation is a volunteer, every penny raised goes to the charities that have been chosen at the beginning of the year by our Board of Directors.  You can find the current charities and more about what they do on our Charities Page.

     Please join our email list so we can keep you informed of future events and efforts.

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